simultania (all at once)

'Simultania' is a video-based body of work in which outside participants produced the video content by recording their subjective experiences of reality during the same one minute moment in time on November 13, 2010, at precisely 16:00 UTC/GMT. In their videos, the more than 200 participants time- stamped to a single time-source to ensure perfect synchronization.

'Simultania (all at once)' is a photomontage grid composed of nearly 40,000 video-stills, as taken from the over 200 simultaneous videos submitted by Simultania participants. Each video comprises a column, while each row depicts a simultaneous moment in time across the various points of view. When viewed online, the photomontage is dynamic, meaning that viewers can zoom in and out of the image without losing image quality. Together, this collection of simultaneous moments offers the viewer a representation of totality across time and point of view.