With me / without me (excerpt), 2009, 2-channel video, 27 min.

A 2-channel piece that investigates a single space from two points of view: the space as experienced through the filter of one's subjective sense of consciousness ("the world with me"), juxtaposed against the same space as it is in itself, unmediated by personal point of view ("the world without me").

Quid est amor, Erin Cooney

Quid est amor (rendering), 2011, neon wall-hangings

Quid est amor, or what is love. Neon wall-hangings in the shape of human brains are underlaid with blue neon "brain maps", each in accordance with research findings that studied the brain-imaging of subjects undergoing fMRIs while feeling a set of emotions including romantic love (venereum amatoria), fear (constringitur timor), and despair (opressi desperatione).

Wille zum Leben (Will to Live) (excerpt), 2011, single-channel video, 14:44 min.

This video is a conceptual demonstration of the 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer's central concept of Wille zum Leben, or the Will to Live, in action, as performed by Habibti the dog. For Schopenhauer, the "will to live" is what animates all life. It manifests itself as desire and pure urge. And yet, he argues, no sooner is one desire satisfied then the "will to live" transfers itself into the pursuit of satisfaction of some new desire, ad infinitum. Habibti, the dog, demonstrates: Habibti eats a piece of desired apple, but no sooner is the piece swallowed then she is looking for the next. This "looking for the next" is the essence of how the "will to live" manifests itself in living beings and, according to Schopenhauer, is often a source of great suffering.

You are here now, Erin Cooney

You are here now (rendering), 2011, neon wall hangings

The phrase you are here now, in all possible word-order variations, installed as neon wall-hangings. Each neon phrase pulses to its own rhythm. Every couple of minutes the rhythms match up, causing the phrases to pulse in unison for a couple beats before again falling out of sync.


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