'Bounded in a Nutshell', 2017, realtime software application with audio

'Bounded in a Nutshell' offers a live view from inside a 3D printed replica of my skull, which was created using the digital data from a medical CT scan of my head. The shot is taken from below the skull, where a camera sits pointed upwards through the spinal cord opening. 'Bounded in a Nutshell' is an attempt to allow viewers to speculatively penetrate into the otherwise impossibly barred confines of an other’s subjectivity. It shows the real-time interior of the brain cavity, highlighting the now-ness of an other’s conscious world, superimposed under a video which moves through stars and galaxies, in an effort to demonstrate the paradox of the self as a vast universe materially contained in a cave of bone.

*('Bounded in a Nutshell' is only viewable in Chrome and Firefox at this time. It is not accessible via mobile devices.)

I am Yorick, 2016, 3D-printed skull (resin) and box (plexiglass, printed transparent films, painted aluminum, metal stand, live-feed video camera), 9.5” x 12” x 13.5”

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