I am Yorick

Sculpture, photo prints, live-video software, 2016

I am Yorick, 3D-printed skull (resin) & box (plexiglass, printed transparent films, painted aluminum, metal stand, live-feed video camera), 9.5” x 12” x 13.5”, 2016

In order to make the resin skull in I am Yorick, I underwent a medical CT scan of my head. I then had the digital data of the skull isolated, and used it to 3D-print a life-sized exact replica of my skull.

Bounded in a Nutshell, real-time software application with audio, 2017

Beneath the skull in I Am Yorick sits a live-feed video camera, which is pointed into the interior of the brain cavity through the spinal hole at the bottom of the skull. The live-camera view offers access to the physical domain to the brain cavity, where one’s “universe” resides. In 2017, I made a short-lived live video application which combined the live-view from within the skull with a video that moves through stars in the universe.