Multimedia dance performance, 2019

Excerpts from the May 20, 2019 performance at the Broad Art Center, UCLA (To view the whole performance, see below)

BODY/SITE/SEEN is a collaborative workshop-performance that uses dance, music, and multimedia to explore ideas related to embodiment, point of view, and the act of seeing. In the performance, the live-streams of cameras attached to dancers' bodies are projected onto the walls of the performance space. The cameras capture intimate landscapes of the body itself, as well as the body in relation to other dancers and the space the body occupies. BODY/SITE/SEEN is a meditation on the bounded nature of embodiment and the fractional incompleteness of point of view. 

BODY/SITE/SEEN is a workshop-project undertaken by UCLA Graduate Students from Design|Media Arts, World Arts & Culture/Dance, & the School of Music. The above performance took place on May 20, 2019, at UCLA’s Broad Art Center.

Concept, Direction & Project Lead: Erin Cooney (DMA)
Dancers & Choreography: Joey Navarrete-Medina (WAC/D), Sanchita Sharma ((WAC/D), Marianna Varviani (WAC/D)
Music Composition: Anthony Constantino (School of Music)
Multimedia: Erin Cooney (DMA), Zeynep Abes (DMA), Nate Mohler (DMA)
Costuming & Lighting: Berfin Ataman (DMA)
Documentation: Lawrence Dion Dabu (DMA), Zeynep Abes (DMA), Nate Mohler

Full performance of BODY/SITE/SEEN from the May 20, 2019 performance at the Broad Art Center, UCLA