Apple (The Will to Life)

Single-channel video, 15 min, 2011

Excerpt of APPLE (the will to life)

APPLE (the will to life) is a conceptual demonstration of the 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer's central concept of the will to life in action, as performed by Habibti, the dog. For Schopenhauer, the will to life is what animates all life. It manifests itself as desire and pure urge. And yet, he argues, no sooner is one desire satisfied then the will to life transfers itself into the pursuit of satisfaction of some new desire, ad infinitum. Habibti, the dog, demonstrates: Habibti eats a piece of desired apple, but no sooner is the piece swallowed then she is looking for the next. This "looking for the next" is the essence of how the will to life manifests itself in living beings and, according to Schopenhauer, is often a source of great suffering.